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Fashion should be a form of escapism and not a form of imprisonment.
— Alexander McQueen
How can money be the root of all evil? When shopping is the cure to all sadness.
— Elizabeth Taylor

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A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.
— Vera Wang
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About Nicole

    Nicole grew up in “small town” Missouri playing barbies with the neighborhood friends and with a burning passion for fashion. She especially enjoyed dressing her dolls up and having them strut the catwalk. As Nicole aged, her mother would take her shopping before the beginning of each school year. In anticipation, Nicole would sit in her room for hours on end each evening sketching outfits for every occasion. When they would return home, Nicole would put on a fashion show for her family that would carry on well into the night.

    She started her career as a Sales Associate for a large legging distributor. She quickly realized her clients wanted more than leggings in their life. These women wanted to look put together without sacrificing their uniqueness and the stress of wondering which items in their closet “work” together. Nicole started helping her clients pair their leggings with different tops, shoes, and accessories. “I love helping others find the perfect outfits to fit their unique personality and in the process, I hope to relieve some of their stress. Women-especially busy moms-deserve it.”

Nicole’s passion is to help others feel confident and comfortable via their wardrobe, and her purpose is to help others find themselves. She loves meeting new people and often makes lifelong friends out of strangers in the grocery store checkout line.

Her vision for Autumn Fairy Designs, LLC, is to have her shoppers excited about trying on new outfits and confident with their purchases when they walk out. She knows all too well the disappointment we've all felt  in the department store. Seeing all of the beautiful pieces on the racks only to be let down in the dressing room, or worse, buying something only to have it collect dust in the back of the closet.

    Autumn Fairy Designs has partnered with Dress For Success, to provide business attire for women looking to achieve economic independence. Any shopper that brings gently used or new business professional attire to the boutique will receive 10% off of their purchase. For more information, please contact send an email to

Outside of AFD, Nicole is the wife of supportive hubby Ben, her amazing children-Gabriella and Declan,  her sweet fur babies- Baxter and Isys, and cuddly bearded dragons- Shawn and Juliet. The whole family avidly supports Disney, so much that they visit at least once a year, and often spend free time hanging out playing in the back yard or snuggling on the couch for movie time.

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Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself & yet identifiable for others.
— Anna Wintour
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Mission Statement

Autumn Fairy Designs loves unearthing the perfect and most unique outfits for your everyday wardrobe. Our boutique is dedicated to reducing stress by ensuring every woman feels comfortable and classy in their clothes! We assist each client in the customization of their outfit to guarantee they are receiving something that is just as beautifully exceptional as they are.

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